Testing Services Center Guidelines

The Testing Services Center’s Responsibilities

1. Act as a resource to faculty and UC Davis students in need of proctoring services. We provide proctors and space to monitor exams for students with accommodations, within our capacity. In addition, proctors can be assigned to monitor exams in a space provided by the instructor.
2. Review each request within 5 days.
3. Contact those student[s] (via email) on the initial request with the details (time, date & location) of their exam session. All students needing to be added to the exam roster after the Exam Schedule has been sent will need to be approved by TSC before they are included in the exam session. To obtain approval simply email us at and include the student’s initials. We will assess and provide you with the status of your request within 2-3 days.
4. Monitor student[s] during the exam session following the Testing Services Center’s policies.
5. Provide the course instructor with a summary of the exam session.


Instructor’s Responsibilities

1. Complete our online request form to schedule exams.
2. Approves the content of the Exam Schedule email. This email will be sent to each of your students and provides them with the details of their exam session. If we do not receive approval of the Exam Schedule email within 3 days we will assume you are no longer in need of our services and will letting you know your exam session may be cancelled.
3. When your exam session is cancelled but you wish to have an exam session, you will need to submit your request again.
4. Contacts the Testing Services Center with the initials of any student requesting accommodations after the Exam Schedule have been sent to the students. (Refer to Requesting Accommodations).
5. Drop off and pick up exams in a timely fashion. The Testing Services Center should receive your exams within 24 hours of the scheduled exam session. (Refer to Exam Delivery & Pick Up)
6. Contact the Testing Services Center with any additional instructions (not stated on the initial request) for the exam session.
7. Immediately contact the Testing Services Center with any changes to the initial request (for example, time and date change, pick-up & delivery changes, exam instructions etc.).
8. Immediately contact the Testing Services Center with any changes to the exam documents (i.e. typos, question needs re-wording etc.)
9. Instructors and/or TAs must be available to answer questions during the exam.


The Student’s Responsibilities

1. Request initial accommodations through the Student Disability Center (SDC). An authorized student Disability Specialist must approve all accommodations (Request Initial Accommodations). Those students who are not in need of authorized medical need accommodations but need their exam proctored must complete the online request form.
2. Arrange for Accommodations with your instructor, TÁ or college representative. (Review Arranging for Accommodations with Your Instructor).
3. Immediately contact your professor, TA or college representative when the proposed exam schedule conflicts with other scheduled courses or appointments.
4. Submit student guidelines
5. Arrive at the exam site on time.
6. Upon completion of your exam hand in all your exam materials unless instructed otherwise.


Requesting A Proctored Exam Session With Accommodations: Faculty & Students in need of a proctored exam with accommodations

1. All request must be made through our online request form (Accommodation Request Form). Requests will not be accepted via email, telephone or any other method.
2. Faculty requesting an accommodation for your student[s] or a student who is in need of a proctored exam without accommodations must understand that your request does not guarantee that we will be able to fulfill request, as our capacity and proctor availability is limited.
3. A request can take up to five days to be assessed and/or scheduled. If you have not heard from the Senior Lead Staff regarding the status of your request within seven days, contact us at
4. The Testing Services Center send your students an email that includes the exam schedule and other important exam day logistics for your students. Before we send this notice to your students, we will send it to you for approval. If the Exam Schedule is not approved by you or another course representative within 3 days of receipt the TSC will assume you no longer in need of our services and will cancel the exam session. You may reschedule the cancelled session by submitting a new request.
5. Any exam request that falls outside of the Testing Services Center’s testing hours (8:00a-10:00p) will be given an alternative time that best fits the center’s operating hours. Instructors must approve the alternative time. Once approved, the alternative time will be the recorded start time for the requested exam session(s).
6. All students needing to be added to the exam roster after the Exam Schedule has been sent to the students will need to be approved by TSC before they are included in the exam session. To obtain approval simply email us at and include the student’s initials. We will assess and provide you with the status of your request within 3 days. Once you have received our approval, you are responsible for forwarding the Exam Schedule to the newly registered students.
7. If the exam is being requested after the 2 week deadline (2 weeks prior to the exam date), it will be the professor/TA's responsibility to send out the Exam Schedule to the students once they are approved.


Exam Delivery & Pick Up

1. All exam documents, including those exam documents uploaded to, should be delivered within 24hrs of the exam session’s start time (i.e. exam takes place on Friday, June 26th at 1:00p; therefore, exams should be delivered by Thursday, June 25th at 1:00p) If you are unable to get your exam to us by the 24hr deadline you must hand deliver your exam to 227 Hunt Hall. If exams are not delivered within the 24hr limit the Testing Services Center reserves the right to cancel your scheduled exam session.
2. All hand-delivered exams must include all needed copies and any accommodation-specific formats. Exams delivered to the Testing Center should be placed in the drop box (located outside of Room #227) only. We have eliminated in-person delivery due to potential mix-ups and loss of exam documents. Exams delivered to the drop box should first be placed in an envelope and marked with the following information: Instructor’s name, Course name (including section) and date of the exam.
3. When a special font is stated as an accommodation for a student, it is the faculty’s responsibility to supply an exam document with that specific font. Your exams should be formatted before you upload to and before you dropped them off in the drop box located directly outside 227 Hunt Hall.
4. All exams uploaded to should be no more than 4 pages in length - single-sided. If your exam is over 4 pages in length you will need to print all needed copies of the exam and hand deliver to the center. During Finals Week the this page length is extended to 6 pages.
5. Provide the center with identification when picking up completed exams
6. Exams files uploaded to must be labeled in the following manner:
Course#__Type of Exam__ (i.e. quiz, midterm, final, online etc.)Version_ (if applicable)_Date of Exam (year_month_date)
For example: ESE110_Midterm_2018_08_07. If your exam file isn't labeled correctly you will be asked to label it correctly before we print.
7. Provide the center with the names of all individuals who are authorized to pick up completed exams. You may also choose to upload the photos of everyone authorized to pick-up exams to folder labelled “PHOTOS OF THOSE AUTHORIZED TO PICKUP EXAMS.(this is a sub-folder found in your original folder.”
8. All exams not picked up after 3 days following the scheduled exam session will be delivered on the 4th day to the SDC where they will be secured and archived according to SDC policies.
9. All extra exam documents provided by the instructor/TA will be shredded one day after the exam session.


Other Ways the Testing Center Can Be Your Resource

If we are unable to schedule an exam at our site due to space limitations or proctor availability we will offer the following alternatives:

1. If there are no available proctors to monitor your exam, the rooms may be available for your use, but you must provide the proctor
2. If your exam time goes past the center’s scheduled hours (8:00a-10:00p) you may opt to proctor the exam at the center using your own proctor. In many cases the center’s staff will begin the exam, but your proctor will need to arrive on site no later than 5:00p for the remainder of the exam session.
3. If your student requires special equipment to complete the exam, the SDC is responsible for handling their accommodations.


How Are We Different From the Student Disability Center (SDC)

The Testing Services Center is a resource for faculty. We provide centralized support for administering exams to students requiring accommodations, as our capacity allows. We prioritize courses with the highest number of required student exam accommodations. We work with instructors to coordinate the administration of exams for those students with accommodations enrolled in the course. It is not mandatory for faculty to use our services; we encourage those seeking to provide accommodations or an alternative exam date or time for their students to accept our support.

The Student Disability Center (SDC) determines whether students are eligible to receive accommodations. Once this determination is made the SDC provides faculty with a letter of accommodation that details what specific accommodations they receive. SDC also provides the Testing Center with the specific accommodations of each student in the requested course. All questions related to the specific accommodations of the student should be addressed to the SDC.