Schedule An Exam Pick-Up

The Testing Services Center(TSC) now provides an exam pick up service. A Student Assistant will stop by your specified pick up point and you just need to provide them with your exams. You must make enough copies for each student taking the exam at TSC. In addition to having the correct amount of copies, you must also provide the correct format as stated on your student’s LOA (i.e. large font).

Exam pick up is available up to 4 hours (2 hours during Finals Week) prior to the exam between 10a - 4:30p,  Monday - Friday (excludes holidays and center closures). You may schedule up to five pick ups per course.


  1. Place your exams within a sealed envelope and marked confidential across the seal.

  2. Each envelope should have Your Name (signature format to ensure the integrity of the exam), Course#, and Date of the exam

  3. Write Confidential across the seal of the envelope

  4. The Student Assistant will record the pick up time of the exam on the envelope while you are present.

Please complete the exam pick form below. We will provide you with the status of your request via email within two business days.