Reserving Study Space

The Testing Services Center is also home to our Study Space program. As a way to utilize all available space and because we understand the needs of our UC Davis students, we provide a place to study. Our study space consist of five semi-private rooms and two group rooms. Our rooms are quiet and comfortable with desktop space to spread out your study materials.

Here’s what you will need to agree to in order to utilize our space.

  1. Provide your Student ID#

  2. Provide the subject you intend to study when you use our space.

  3. Return the space  to the condition you found it.

  4. Vacate the space if it becomes needed as a testing space. If this occurs we will try to find you another study space at our center.

  5. You may choose to drop in, but  space is limited and those with reservations have priority.

  6. Private rooms will be converted to a space for 2-3 individuals due to high demand.

  7. Your reservation will be cancelled upon your request or if, you have not checked in 15 minutes after your scheduled reservation time.

To reserve a study space please complete the reservation form below. Our staff will provide you a status update within 2 days. Before making your reservation please review our Study Space Calendar which will provide you with room availability.