How We Schedule Exams

As the need for proctoring services continues to grow we have created a system that prioritizes the testing needs of our participants. Our priority system allows us to accommodate those students with medical-need- accommodations and as space permits, those students who require proctored exam due to other needs.


Please review our priority list below (descending order)

  1. Students with authorized medical-need accommodations such as extended time, individual testing space, and other accommodations. These accommodations must be authorized by the UC Davis Student Disability Center (SDC).
  2. High enrollment courses with the greatest number of medical-need accommodations.
  3. Students needing to adjust their current exam schedule. This adjustment must be approved by course instructor or TA.
  4. Instructors needing in-class (or other designated testing space) proctoring assistance.
  5. Students needing a proctored exam