Students asking questions

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Study Space

  •  Do I need to reserve a study space to secure a space?
  • Yes,  reserving a study space in advance will secure a space. Please note that last minute changes may occur as exams take precedence.
  • Is walk-in welcome?
  • Yes, walk-in reservations are welcome, but TSC cannot guarantee any available study space. 
  • Do you offer after hours study space?
  • The latest the TSC can provide study space is anytime before 9:30pm. 
  • Can I request which room I want to reserve?
  • TSC will take into account how many participants will be attending and the available space on site. 
  • How do you reserve a space to use for group study?
  • Study space can be reserved via website, phone, or by drop-in. Please  note that rooms for study space are not guaranteed as we prioritize exam sessions. Those who have reserved a room as a study space will be notified when the space is needed for an exam.




Requesting Our Services

  •  How do I request a proctored exam?
  • Proctored Exams must be requested through the TSC website. Just select this link - Online Request Form
  • How do I know when my request has been received?
  • You will receive an email stating that TSC has received your request. This email will also provide you with a copy of your submission
  • The online request form only allows for one alternate but I have more than one. What should I do?
  • Notify TSC via email with the name, email, and contact information of all additional alternates.
  • What should I do if no space is available for my requested exam time and date?
  • We will offer an alternative date and/or time that works best with the instructor and student's. 
  • Can my exam be proctored in an area specified by the instructor?
  • Yes, If the instructor has an available space outside of TSC, our team will provide the proctor[s] needed to monitor the space. TSC reserves the right to review the space and determine if it is suitable by TSC standards





Hours of Operation

  • What are your operating hours?
  • We are open from 8am - 9:30p Monday - Friday. TSC does reserve the right to close before our advertised closure time.   
  • Do you operate on the weekends?
  • The TSC will be closed on weekends.
  • Does your center operate at a later time during finals week?
  • TSC operates only on the specified hours: 8am-9:30pm, unless otherwise specified.





Handling of the Exams

  • Where do I  upload my exam?
  • Exams must be uploaded to your Box.com folder. All files must be labelled using the following format: Course# _ Exam Type (e.e. final, midterm, quiz) _ Version (if applicable) _ Exam Date 
  • Where do I  deliver my exam?
  • Exams must be placed inside an envelope with the appropriate labelled format and delivered to our Dropbox bolted outside of Room 227 Hunt Hall. Your envelope should labelled using the following format: Course# _ Exam Type (e.e. final, midterm, quiz) _ Version (if applicable) _ Exam Date 
  • Will the TSC print my exam?
  • TSC will only print exams that are 4 single - sided page. Please note that on finals week, we have increased the page limit to 6 single - sided page.
  • Do you provide a pick-up and delivery service?
  • Yes. We will assign a staff member to pick-up and deliver exams upon request.
  • What do I do when I can't deliver or upload the exam before the 24 hour limit?
  • All exams that cannot be delivered or uploaded before the 24 hour limit must be hand delivered to 227 Hunt Hall.
  • If I choose to use a box.com folder as my pick-up location when will the completed exams be uploaded?
  • Exams will be uploaded to the designated box folder within 2 days of exam completion. If your exam falls on a Friday, exams will be uploaded on the following Monday. Generally all exams are uploaded after exams are completed.





Picking Up Exams

  • What form of identification must I show when picking up exam?
  • Any forms of ID( UCD ID, Driver License, etc) will suffice when picking up exams. All IDs must include your picture.
  • Does everyone picking up the completed exams need to show identification
  • All individuals picking up exams must present their ID when requested or have a photo image on file at TSC. All photo images will be deleted one week after the final exam is delivered or picked up. However, instructors should take a photo of all individuals authorized to pick up exams. Your photos must be uploaded to your box.com folder titled "Photos of Authorized Individuals.





Availability During Exams

  • Why do I need to be available during the exam?
  • In case of emergencies, TSC staff must be able to contact the instructor or TA on record. Students may have questions concerning their exam and the TSC will contact the instructor via cell phone or email.
  • Can my TA proctor the exam?
  • Yes. However, this must be coordinated and approved by TSC prior to proctoring the exam. In addition, a TA can only be present when their course exam is the sole exam being proctored in that space.
  • Does the Professor or TA need to be present during the exam?
  • No. Professors and/or TAs may drop by for any last minute questions that students may have, but are not required to stay for the entire exam session.
  • Can a TA or Professor be present at the center during the exam to answer questions?
  • Yes. All individuals authorized by the instructor to be present during the exam will be assigned a room or area where they can wait. In most cases this area is not in the exam room because other course exams are taking place and your presence may disturb the individuals who are testing.





Student Disability Center (SDC)

  • Who should I contact regarding the student's listed accommodations?
  • SDC should be contacted for all inquiries regarding students listed accommodations.
  • Are SDC and TSC the same?
  • No. The SDC and TSC are two different entities Please refer back to "How Are We Different From the Student Disability Center (SDC)" on the Guidelines section.